A2Z Creative provides video production project management throughout all stages of the project, including the creative development, design, scripting, theme, message, and finally, the launch. Our specialty lies in our ability to bridge the gap from traditional video methods to the digital innovations and increased amount of communication channels.

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Getting to know you and your brand is our first and most important step in producing an exceptional video for you. At A2Z Creative, we place a huge emphasis on building a relationship with each of our clients. By spending time with you and your brand, our creative team is able to produce a video that exactly fits your goals and helps you deliver it in the right way. Consider us your in-house but down-the-street production team.


Creative Development

This is our time to get to know you and your company. We hear your values, your goals, and get a feel for your authentic voice. We ask a lot of questions during this phase so that the solution we recommend for you meets your goals. No matter the stage of development, we work with you to brainstorm, conceptualize, storyboard, cast and even script. Just let us know what you need and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring your project from idea to reality.


Now that we’ve established a firm connection and have created an outline of an incredible video it’s time to get down to work. We coordinate all the elements in front of and behind the camera then unleash our team of creatives to capture the content as efficiently as possible. If your video needs animation instead of ‘live shooting’, this is where your 3D and 2D elements are designed, modeled, animated, composited, and rendered.We work with some of the highest quality equipment to ensure your production looks it's best.

Editing & Post

Strong post-production is the ultimate key to a successful product. Now that we have all the raw materials, we organize hours of footage and carefully select every second. We cut them together, adding any necessary assets like music, graphics, voiceover, and then unveil your first full draft of the video. You give us feedback and critiques, and we turnaround a new polished version. (There are generally 2-3 rounds of this editing process.) Our post production team then finishes the mastering to a high resolution file and wraps up the project. We provide encoded delivery through the web, mobile device, DVD, Blu-ray — however you want it, we’ve got you covered. You are now officially ready to present your video to the world!

Our team specializes in:

+ Branded Content + Brand Identity + Commercial Films + Corporate Profiles + Documentaries + Facility Tours

+ Fundraisers + Home Showcases + Kickstarter Campaigns + Lifestyle Branding + Live Events + Motion Graphics

Music Videos + Non-Profit + Product Launch + Reality TV + Social Events + Stylized + Testimonials + TV Broadcast